This section aims to bring awareness to the abundant and continuous scientific research being undertaken in Asia in regards to healthcare. China in particular is a leader in regards to medical research and so there is much material being generated. In particular, in the last 50 years China has had many breakthroughs substantiating Eastern medicine with modern scientific research. It can, therefore, be difficult to sift through these materials and find research that carries significant commendable scientific evidence.

The value of creating awareness and understanding of this research is of great importance. In particular, there are certain disorders which Western medicine has not quite found the solution for and Eastern medicine does have some approaches which are worth further investigation, if not implementing. Having spent a period of time working and researching in the healthcare system in China, Clayton has learned to filter through the body of data and archives to find the most relevant scientific and medical information.

In this section, Clayton introduces highly relevant Eastern and Western scientific work in a way that is understandable to patients and health care providers alike with the greater intention of uniting Eastern and Western medicine more widely.

Acupuncture and stroke rehabilitation
By the year 2030, stroke is expected to be the leading cause of death. In the United States, each year 750,000 individuals suffer a stroke and 150,000 die from stroke. The economic, social and psychological costs of stroke are enormous.
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During Clayton’s study and practice of Xing Nao Kai Qiao throughout his Ph.D. in Tianjin, Clayton came to the conclusion that non-stroke patients can also benefit from these well-researched stroke acupuncture techniques, particularly through orthopedic and sports treatment.
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Acupuncture for treating Parkinson’s disease)
Western nor Eastern medicine have yet to find a definitive cure for Parkinson’s disease. However, specific acupuncture techniques pioneered in China demonstrate significant improvements for Parkinson’s patient’s symptoms.
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Acupuncture for treating multiple sclerosis (MS)
MS is a chronic autoimmune disease that can effect the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves of the body. There are numerous case reports and clinical studies reporting acupuncture’s effective treatment of MS symptoms and causes.
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 “…in the last 50 years China has had many breakthroughs substantiating Eastern medicine with modern scientific research.”



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