Nanopuncture™ is Dr. Shiu’s unique acupuncture system that integrates Western neurological analysis, eastern medicine knowledge of the tendinomuscular meridians of the body, and Dr. Shiu’s specific neurological acupuncture techniques. The result is a new highly efficient system that can analyze where your nervous system’s circulation is inhibited as well as directly reset and reboot the patient’s nervous system in various parts of the body, and offer significant neurovascular circulation benefits. The Shiu Clinic is the only medical facility that offers Dr. Shiu’s Nanopuncture™ system.

Nanopuncture™ has been able to effectively treat the following stubborn diseases:

  • trigger finger

  • carpal tunnel

  • rotator cuff injuries

  • TBI, concussions

  • Different forms of neuropathy

  • Dysphagia

  • Vocal paresis

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During Clayton’s study and practice of Xing Nao Kai Qiao throughout his Ph.D. in Tianjin, Clayton came to the conclusion that non-stroke patients can also benefit from these well-researched stroke acupuncture techniques. Under the tutelage of Dr. Shi Xue Min, Clayton has developed, researched and systematized a new acupuncture technique that applies essential elements of stroke acupuncture protocol to orthopedic and sports medical treatments for injury rehabilitation and prevention.

The technique uses specific acupuncture methods on different parts of the body to activate a local nerve plexus innervating the injured tissue area and also increasing blood flow. Using a special stimulation method, the needle can also treat difficult cases of tendinopathy all over the body, by increasing range of motion and strength, whilst relaxing tissue and improving nerve firing.

Clayton was given permission to perform a clinical trial study at his New York practice using the new Non-Stroke Acupuncture technique. The results showed that the new Non-stroke Xing Nao Kai Qiao (XNKQ) Orthopedic method worked well against stubborn chronic tendinopathic and nerve entrapped related conditions throughout the whole body.